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Because what you won't acknowledge, you can't improve!


About Us

Welcome to ChaosHuggers. This community is dedicated to teaching you how to live your most authentic life. How does that sound? Are you ready to own your life? 

What we offer is an Empowering new twist on living life AUTHENTICALLY. All through life we are taught to avoid and suppress the darkness that we have within us. We try to live according to the standards and dreams of other people. This alone prevents us from reaching any measure of Self-Mastery because in order to obtain such, the WHOLE SELF needs to be embraced, not just the shiny parts! 

Life is meant to be so much more than what most of us currently experience. We are meant to live at a much higher standard. Our mission is to guide YOU towards a better and more integrated way of living as we have done for ourselves and countless clients.

Why You Should Join Us & What You Get When You Do!


Guiding you to the most INVINCIBLE version of yourself is what we live for! Once this connection to your own power is forged, YOU will become UNSTOPPABLE!


Life commands PURPOSE! Your sole mission in life is to connect completely with what you were BORN FOR! Only in doing so, will you truly come alive in all senses.


Living your life according to others has left you disconnected. Nothing will steal your ZEST FOR LIFE faster than this. We guide you back to your own heart and PASSION.


- One live stream weekly - exclusive to the CH community.
- Regular challenges with some great prizes.

Other Wisdom & Life Hacks for you to apply in YOUR LIFE so you can stop renting and start owning your life. 

See you on the inside! 

A Big Thanks

A MASSIVE thank you from Linds and Chris for ALL your love and support. 

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